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How can I return God's blessings?

As Lutheran Women in Mission, we know that all our blessings come from God. We love to serve Him by sharing our earthly time and talents. God also wants us to do a good job of planning how to distribute our earthly blessings when He calls us home to our eternal home in heaven. But how can we put a good plan in place? How will our faith be remembered? Where do we begin?

LWML's official ministry, Gifts of Love, is here to assist and guide you in transferring your blessings. At no cost to you, I will help you make use of planned giving which can provide benefits to you and your heirs as well as support God's ongoing work in the world.

Through the planned giving process, I help you to establish a complete Christian estate/gift plan. We call this plan your Lifetime Plan for Giving™. There are four steps to guide and educate you through the process of developing and implementing your Lifetime Plan for Giving™.

  1. Discovery – A simple survey documenting your estate preferences including stewardship goals, family relationships, financial blessings and desired tax advantages begins the process.
  2. Design – Using the information from the survey, several gift plan designs are created for your consideration. These designs reflect your estate planning goals and offer several options for you. They are in an easy to read one-page format.
  3. Summary – When you choose a plan, I draft an organized estate plan summary for delivery to your attorney and other professional advisors.
  4. Implementation – The final step is implementing your Christian estate/gift plan. Your attorney will review, advise, and prepare the necessary legal documents. The summary I provide will assist considerably in this process and in many cases can reduce legal costs.

To assist you in the process, LWML has two wonderful FREE resources: Lifetime Plan for Giving Survey, and Lifetime Plan for Giving Guide. Click here to download the free resources. Having a completed gift plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your wishes for responsibly passing on the gifts God has entrusted to you are fulfilled.


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